50 Shades of Rebecca 

So just twenty-four hours ago Rebecca fixed me with her steely gaze,
"You will write me a poem for my 50th." (Her azure eyes bore into me through the Sauvignon haze,) 
Twenty-four hours to convey her subtle beauty, to capture her elegant ways,
One day to paint a portrait of her talent to amaze.  
I know what you're all thinking; this poetic demand isn't a surprise,
Wasn't it 3 months ago that Becca commissioned yours truly, the Bard Of Belsize?
But the Muse is a fickle mistress, at my age it doesn't always rise, 
So there I was poem-less, and I turned to her siblings for advice.   
There stood the dashing Tristan with his fragrant Viagra, sorry Viola, 
Next to brother Charlie, Truro’s premier socialist rock ‘n’ roller,
“Simple Mart," they casually intoned, "all you need is a rhyme for “Rebecca",
"Try Double Decker, Chancellor of the Exchequer…Best don’t mention your Pecker .."  
Such irreverence, however, simply isn’t my style,
This is an homage to a dear friend, I must go the extra mile,
I must say how this lady enchants us with her exquisite whiles,
Her infectious laughter, her radiant smile.  
Yet for this bright star in our cosmos it’s not all a social whirl,
She’s also a brilliant Mum to her two stunning girls,
Perhaps the country’s leading food stylist, what a gem, a rare pearl,
Flirty, fantastic and 50, take a bow, give us a twirl !!!!  

My dear friend Rebecca somehow hit the half-century in March 2016. This poem is an homage to her penned in extremis on the day of  the big Party