Since 1972 I have thrilled to the sensation that is Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry. Its an attitude, a sound, a window on a world viewed through a prism of glamour, style and art;  an intoxicating cocktail that for this old fool still surprises and delights. The online discussion group Avalon brings together like-minded RM/BF "cognacenti" and a few years ago we set a task to write lyrics in the style of La Ferrari. Now Or Never was one of my efforts. It delves into themes of jaded seduction, the lounge lizard, and dreamhome heartaches ....

Now Or Never

An angle-poise paints your trace

Against the abstract an eclipse of face.

i murmer nonsense, " 'S a matter of taste,"

Disrobed, dismayed, no thrill of the chase.

It's now or never, play around with me,

It's now or never, please humour me.

Here's the chaise-longue, unfold your frame,

Refill your glass, reset the pace,

I'm through dancing to the hurt and the pain,

No time to repent as we couple in haste.

It's now or never, let the sauvignon swirl,

It's now forever, My shadow girl.