Shane Warne is, in my humble opinion, the finest cricketer in history.  He is an Australian leg-spin bowler, a peroxide sorcerer, whose first delivery in England (commonly known as the "ball of the century") so bamboozled Mike Gatting, the batsman, that he had no idea why his off bail was lying at his feet nor why the Oz  players were rejoicing.  Leather Taunter celebrates the spinner's art and, as ever, links the batsman's submission with sexual domination and manipulation....

Leather Taunter

Leather taunter

Flipper to my soul,

Shimmering vision,

Rhythmic wrist roll.

 Oh Crimson orb

Tearing me apart,

Hellish humming bird

A Doosra to my heart.

 Scarlet temptress

Enter my backyard,

Ravage my defence,

And violate my guard.

 Magenta bodyline

You willowy minx

(An uncertain corridor)

My manhood shrinks.

 Ruby huntress,

Yes, Jaffa my gate,

Leg-break caress,

Death-rattle my fate.

 Vermilion harlot

Enter my threshold,

A whiff of dust

And I am bowled,