More nocturnal imaginings with a quasi-mythical muse. Or so i wrote in these pages the morning after the night before. February 2010 seems a long time ago now. And the muse now shares a home with her bardic fool. The East Meets West couplet is a special favourite. Happy memories of rioja-fueled first flickerings of love in that bizarre beach hut in N8 ...

Half Full, Half Fool

My glass is half full, half fool

Decant your heart darling, “It's cool,”

Gush ruby love, crianza swirl,

Rioja Niagara, my dark hued girl.

Glide up the stairs gorgeous gamine,

Let west meet east in the mezzanine.

Big eyes glinting, a candle cascade,

An eyelash fiesta, limbs splayed,

Full moon through sky-light,

Sweet nothings, no respite, 

Perfume on pillow, lipstick on glass,

Half-spoken confessions, hours pass,

Half-hearted slumber, demi-sec times,

The demi-monde slurs, running blind,

Awake dusky angel, share those sighs,

Unlock velvet dreams, entwine thighs,

Parma Violets and Love Hearts,

Love fools and gutter-hearts,

O devil take tomorrow, imploding twin towers,

Smile with me, 'cos that night was ours