Once again I pick up on a sense of things happening for the last time, of time running out, and the foolishness therein. The last throw of the dice. I've always been fascinated by the "moment d'abandon" that is love. (Who isn't?) How love and sex and  addiction seem to meld into one, in the songs of popular music. How else to explain the giddiness of love? It is a rush quite separate from feelings of passion. So i try to explore that sensation here...beware Bete Noire indeed .. 

The Last Love Rush


The soul implores me, “Have this dance,”

(Yet at dawn I pluck out cupid’s darts,

The arteries clogged with faux romance,

How else to explain my cholesterol heart?)

The jealousy boil I cannot lance

The words I failed to impart

And, worse, your indifferent glance

What a fool, what a love tart,

I’m in your thrall; I’m in a trance,

(My heart rate tangos off the chart,)

Say you’ll give me one last chance,

One last love rush, one kiss, one spark.