Tall Paul is a life-force, a fellow Paddington Wreck and a friend. Talented, charming and a little dangerous to know. I don't know too much about his life  but I have garnered that he was a ballet artist for several years and nowadays does something interesting in advertising. No stranger to the city's night-life he's also a deep thinker and a patron of the arts. As a consequence he's a fantastic muse for an ode. In recent times a ruptured tendon has temporarily brought a hiatus in his heroic goal-keeping and carousing .... ................Dec 2011

Tendon Rupture London Rapture

(The Ballad Of Tall Paul)

You’re swanning round town in retro Mercedes, 

Libido unbound, metrosexual with the ladies.

Young gun, young turk, quite the gay blade, 

Making shapes with a BeeGee serenade.

Cinematic swan-diving in super slo-mo,

You restless creative, shot-stopper supremo, 

Living the Low-life in hi-definition

Rubber-limbed lothario in tiptop condition.

Primrose puffball, pig-bladder catcher,

Tragic tendon rupture, always London rapture, 

You've got the gear, you've got the gob, 

I heard it said you have an impressive knob,

You're tall Paul, sorted for squeeze and fizz, 

The bees knees, the business, 

Soho is your manor, Wimbourne your nadir 

Last orders at the Groucho, the night that holds no fear, 

For you it's always the money shot, always the mother lode,  

Hanging out in Greek Street or down the Kings Road, 

Don't ever stop the dance, in leotard and tutu 

You love the wild-child life, and that same life loves you.