One of my guilty secrets is that i adore fashion shows. Truly, madly deeply. The catwalk with all its power, scent and strut. All this useless beauty, to paraphrase Elvis. Its so trivial yet feels so important. Out Of Fashion is my take on the industry. And how models inhabit a parallel universe where the view through the lens is more important than the window on the soul..........  

Out Of Fashion

Here come those thoughts

Relight those flames

Spin a rolodex of love

Shuffle a deck of names

Faithless maitresse

Can't conjure the passion

Careworn, lovelorn,

Cuckold to fashion

Here comes your press release,

You're looking mighty fine

You're pouting pretty please,

A la mode I stand in line.

Faithless maitresse

Can't summon dispassion,

Bewitched, bedevilled

And out of fashion ...