The Scent Of The Night

Its a cliché, a banality almost, 
These sensual tropes,
Your scent on the sheets, 
A confetti of hopes,
Through the blinds the dawn corona,
A celestial companion for your intoxicating aromas, 
Bespoke perfumes and high-street shampoos,
Heads you win, tails I lose, 
Hello sunrise, farewell alabaster moon,
Your luminous hair still makes me swoon,
Golden highlights on chestnut tendrils,
A sunshaft mosaic on the windowsill,
Memory, another country, as dreams take flight,
Yet slumber can’t diminish, the scent of the night.

The Scent Of The Night is a lovely expression stolen from an Andrea Camilleri novel of the same name. The poem also owes something to the lyrics of Nat King Cole's Stardust. I often lie awake in the early hours and take in the aura of my partner. The wondrous cocktail of scents, and her luminous hair in the half-light. Poets and lyricists have forever tried to capture the elusive qualities that sets the fairer sex apart. What beasts we men are beside such femininity...