This poem was written for my friend Bear's wedding in 1995. Bear, (real name witheld because he has a very grown-up job, so grown up that he is allowed to drive sheep over Tower Bridge,) embraced the '80s dream and his prayer mat still faces the citadels of Armani and BMW. This ditty tries to capture those high-octane days whilst recognising his generous spirit and romantic soul. Last year he threw a massive, glamorous party for his 50th, and his wife kindly dug out this poem for that occasion. Bear might appreciate the accompanying photograph..

The Bitter-Sweet Bachelor Dawns


For too long the glamour


Your foolish heart

The executive toys

The roaring boys

The words you failed to impart.


But what memories to savour

The Bacchanalia

The bitter-sweet bachelor dawns

Drowning sorrow in Veuve Cliquot

Your braggadocio

Hailing taxis in a Soho storm.


Your uplifting presence

Like phosphorescence

A laugh that thundercracks the throng

Yet behind the designerwear

‘Neath the cornfield hair

A soul beats to a gentler song.